SMS/Text Services


4PM doesn’t just deliver excellent Web solutions, we can also help you to use mobile phone texts to keep in touch with your customers. Recent US surveys have shown that 70% of recipients respond to marketing text messages and 39% of mobile phone users remembered advertising of some form on their phone. Text messaging works.

From a return on investment viewpoint, SMS messages are a fraction of the cost of traditional print media and, since they are targeted directly into the user’s phone, they have a penetration into the target audience of 90%+. This can mean a saving of over 50% in the cost of production and distribution of key messages using SMS as a delivery system.

SMS marketing is virtually instantaneous and your message can be received and responded to no matter where the recipient is. SMS is perfect for time-critical promotions and offers the benefits of mass communication but on a highly personal level. Isn’t that appealing?

4PM SMS Marketing Service offers:

  • Integration of SMS into your Website;
  • Variety of methods for collecting target market phone numbers;
  • One-off campaigns, with or without Web presence;
  • Assurance of best practice in data protection;
  • Creation of text content to deliver results;
  • Lowest cost direct marketing;
  • Measurable campaign statistics and analysis.

For more details of 4PM’s SMS Marketing Services, please call (01) 497 7705 or email