Franchise Opportunities


The 4PM Property Management Franchise

4PM is now offering franchisees worldwide the opportunity to acquire and implement 4PM’s proprietary software systems and business model.

Got an existing web design business?

Try our bolt-on franchise, which allows you to use 4PM software to offer exciting new services to your clients while you generate fresh, ongoing revenue streams.

Want to be an entrepreneur?

Let 4PM help you start an exciting business offering technology solutions across a range a market segments.

Want to run a master franchise?

If you’ve got the right blend of skills and experience, you can offer 4PM solutions to an entire country.

4PM Franchise Overview

The 4PM Property Management Franchise allows franchisees to create and manage a firm that offers essential web functions to every property sales and lettings business in their region. 4PM software allows for the management and advertising of properties, with simple content management, powerful search, web and print applications. Franchisees will also host their own property portal.

  • The Unique Selling Points in the 4PM Franchise Programme include:
  • Online portal with multiple revenue streams, including monthly subscriptions from agents and classified adverts from private advertisers;
  • Client sites can be powered by 4PM;
  • Ability to upload from any application into 4PM;
  • Web to print component with AdLizard which is producing over 100,000 column inches of newspaper adverts per week

Our revolutionary software and business systems have been carefully designed to maximize success and income potential for our franchise network.

4PM Property Management is a comprehensive franchise solution with:

  • Five years experience of success;
  • 10+ sources of income;
  • A turn-key business model;
  • Proven programmes and systems;
  • Professional experience and know-how;
  • Strong, recognised brand identity;
  • Continued research and development;
  • Ongoing development and training

…and much more.

4PM’s appeal in property management franchising can be attributed to many factors.

  1. The industry: Over the last decade, residential property management has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The growth potential and future prospects of the industry are staggering. When the property sales climate declines, the rental market booms. Our software covers all market demands! The time has never been better to own a 4PM Property Management Software Franchise.
  2. The systems: 4PM’s committed customer service team is dedicated to researching and developing the latest programs, systems and techniques. These revolutionary tools help to ensure the success of our franchisees.
  3. The experience: By drawing on our experience, 4PM franchisees enjoy the same turn-key solutions to property management that 4PM spent years developing. This knowledge and experience help to jump-start our franchisees in any market.
  4. The goal: 4PM franchisees benefit from a competitive edge in property management. By providing knowledge, powerful tools, proven systems, technology, customer support, quality products and services and ongoing training, 4PM helps to ensure the success and profitability of all of its franchisees.

Specifically, we focus on:

  1. Technology: Equipped with 4PM’s leading edge property management software, our franchisees have an amazing competitive advantage and a tool with multiple applications.
  2. Training: Our comprehensive training package, delivered through quarterly classroom sessions, our annual conference and our online training facility, ensures our franchisees are fully equipped to launch and develop their 4PM business.
  3. Office opener: 4PM’s rapid start-up program assists franchisees to get their doors open quickly and efficiently.
  4. Live support: Our dedicated support staff are available to help with the day-to-day questions and concerns of our franchisees as often as necessary.
  5. Marketing: 4PM provides access to the most current and up-to-date market research and marketing tools for the business.
  6. Ongoing business development: We are working behind the scenes all the time to develop and test the latest software and systems.

If you have an interest in the property management industry, you see the limitless potential of the 4PM Property Management Franchise and you want to work with the backing of a leading brand, we’d like to talk to you! Territories available globally.