Website compliancy audit


The legislation covering websites is becoming increasingly complex. For example, it is now mandatory for any website that collects data to carry a Privacy Statement, detailing how users’ personal data is treated by the website owners. In Ireland, failure to comply with this requirement can result in a €100,000 fine being imposed by the Data Protection Commissioner.

Furthermore, websites should include Terms of Use, outlining how users may use the website and stating that the website owners cannot be held liable for its abuse. A good Terms of Use statement can help to insulate the website owner from malicious lawsuits.

Finally, if your website engages in direct-selling, it is imperative that it contains Terms and Conditions, as you are entering into a contract with every buyer.

4PM has the skills and experience to conduct an audit of your site, identify shortfalls in your compliance and implement the solutions that will protect both the website owners and users.

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